Sex As An Equation

I see sex as an equation.  Male plus female equals new life.  The new life has the potential to be either male or female, but once it enters this world it is one or the other.  It is an incomplete equation, brought into this world so that it can find its other half and generate another incomplete equation to continue the cycle.  When does the cycle complete itself?
“Hey, wait a minute.  I’m not incomplete!”  I imagine this reaction may come from some, whether gay, lesbian, transgender, asexual, or just independent type of people who don’t want to think they need another person to complete them.  Very well, but biologically you can’t create life by yourself.  “Maybe I don’t want to create life.”  Maybe not, but the point I’m making is that in the current biology we are mathematically only half of a whole.
The current transgender outbreak may have to do with a desire for humans to feel whole again– to be less of women and men, and more human.  At least that’s one perspective and I don’t speak for the entire community, but I have noticed a lot more people refusing the binary system and people who are accustomed to it don’t understand and have started acting more rigid as a response to confine people to the binary because anything else just doesn’t fit the current system and is seen as a threat.
It’s easy to confine people to their biology, but is it right to dictate what someone else’s identity should be?  I see it as our birthright to explore our identity, and our own personal consciousness.  A person may feel that he or she is already whole, and reject the limits of their biology in favor of spiritual union that does not require an external person to complete the equation.  That is somewhere along the lines of how I feel about it.  I feel that my biology is incomplete, but that my consciousness must be whole.  This is a personal issue, and I really don’t feel that I should have to fight for it but somehow I do.
Not everyone who is gender variant is spiritual or conscious of consciousness, but this is my perspective.  Spiritually I see myself as already having completed the union of duality and thus there is an aspect of me that is completely male despite being in a female body.  It’s just not physical, and I am not a very physical person.  Some people cannot see past physicality, and become very rigid about physical definitions.  They reduce us to our biology, and I find this highly degrading.  Even from a non-spiritual perspective, consciousness can be agreed upon.  There is something that makes us conscious, whether it’s a spirit or a neuron.  Now, what if we were able to separate that from the rest of our biology and insert it into a communication device?  We would be able to communicate without bodies, and just share ideas without sex getting in the way.  That might seem like a great relief or something horrifying depending on where you’re at.  I’m just speaking hypothetically, but I like to think about different ways of expanding our consciousness and strengthening communication.  Instead of segregating us based on sex and personal identification being a dividing factor, it would be great if people could just get together and openly discuss ideas on where we want to go as a species.
A lot of people are afraid of the change that comes with people rejecting the gender binary, and it’s understandable because they’re just thinking about the way the species has functioned this far and they feel that it’s been interrupted by something that they just deem ridiculous and unnecessary.  It used to upset me that people think this way, but I have to understand where everyone is coming from.  The thing is that I can understand it, and I personally would prefer not to be transgender.  Sometimes I just want to crawl into my own womb and just live as a woman because it’d be easier.  Then I realize that I have impregnated myself with my ideas and I need to carry them out.  That’s when I feel complete again.

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