Sex As An Equation Pt. 2

The difference between sex is chromosomal.  I’m not an expert at biology, so I won’t get into that process in detail.  As far as I’m concerned, we all start out as potential but develop into male or female within a binary system.  Many people like to focus on the differences between males and females, rather than what makes us alike as humans.  It’s a developmental difference, but our consciousness still has the potential to develop in any way we like.

I don’t like to focus on the physiological differences, since I like to consider myself beyond that.  I avoid focusing on it in general, but I’m trying to find a way to express an abstract concept within a rigid system.  One way of looking at it is from the zero starting point, this is the original potential of life.  From there, male is positive (+) and female is negative (-).  So, if you put a male and a female together you’re back at zero.  Then of course that zero develops into a positive or a negative again, so you never really end up at zero.

Androgyny could be a goal to get back to zero.  Although I was born a negative, I can see myself at zero or even at one with the law of unity but I won’t get into that right now.  I’m sort of looking at this from a detached perspective, as if I was viewing the world as a model.  The equation always comes back to zero, which in many magick circles is known as the manifestation point.  A zero-point perspective in art is a nonlinear scene with no parallel lines, often found in mountain scenes.  I’ve also heard zero point referring to staying relaxed and centered no matter what is going on.

For me, being androgynous at the zero point ties in to the rest.  I feel relaxed and whole and like I have an elevated and centered perspective, removed and present with my surroundings simultaneously.  Looking at the model of humanity from a zero-point perspective, I notice that they have been divided into two categories.  The process of sex is math in action.  Never mind the sexual desires or the subsequent perversions.

Some people are concerned that with the rise of LGBT people, the family unit will be destroyed.  The truth is that this has already been happening, but not because of LGBT people.  Growing up, I was the only one in my group of friends who had parents that were together.  Divorce has been so prominent in our culture, as has promiscuous sex and cheating.  This is more of a threat to the family unit than LGBT people are.

People are individuals and I believe that we should maintain the right to live the way we want to and be treated as humans, first and foremost.  No matter the deviations, the equation remains the same.  Never mind who someone chooses to have sex with, or how someone individuals It’s not going to stop the species from reproducing.  My idea is that whether we are born as or identify as a + or a -, we can all come back to zero and meet there or we can meet as one or at negative one where we can nurture our blueprints.  It’s quite an ambition and humans can be tough to convince, but with such diversity in our culture I think it’s time to come together even if we divide again at least we’ll have a mathematical base we can agree upon.


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