Eye See

This morning, I put on my eyepatch.  I like to think of myself as an interdimensional data pirate, so this pulled me into the role while pulling all of my dualities into a singularity point.  We live in a world of twos: black and white, dark and light, day and night, left and right, etc.  Putting on my eyepatch was like a shot to the brain delivering the message that they are all one and ingraining it into a single focus.

I talked about male and female being positive and negative, and that the they can meet again at the zero point.  The difference between the zero point and the singularity point is that the zero point is removed, while the singularity point is involved.  The zero point is neither male nor female, positive nor negative.  It’s like stepping out of the picture and looking at it from a removed point, not being a part of it.  The singularity point is not removed from the picture; it is the part where it all comes together.  In art, it would be more like a one-point linear perspective where the picture has a single vanishing point.

The singularity point and the zero point can also be likened to the alpha and omega of awareness.  The one is the alpha and the zero is omega.  In a world of duality, it can be challenging when one’s awareness is at this point but it can make one more aggressive and sure of themselves knowing that the here and now has to be enough.  Instead of looking at all the separation, I’m looking at myself as a sort of melting point where everything meets.  People like to categorize and compartmentalize our consciousness into separate pieces rather than letting it spill over and melt together into a single awareness.

I’m left with this task, but the more that I remind myself the more I become sure of myself and less hesitant.  It’s a heightened sense of survival that comes with the singular awareness.  I’m not looking at other people and putting myself into a separate category.  I’m just looking at my direct experience through my one eye and thinking about what I can do to improve my direct experience.  Of course you don’t have to wear an eyepatch to come to this conclusion, but for me it was symbolic and helped to shift my consciousness.


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