Don’t Call It Freedom

Until I can rip my flesh off and choose a form that’s suitable, don’t call it freedom.  Until I can grow teeth in the air, eat a country then vomit out its culture, don’t call it freedom.  Until my mind can do exactly what it wants to do without relying on motor functions, don’t call it freedom.

Freedom of thought exists, but we’re in a place where our thoughts are controlled.  The thoughts aren’t actually free to do what they want.  They just stick to the matrix, like flies to flypaper.  So how do we free our minds?

Imagine it, create it, do it, be it.  It’s easy to say, but how easy is it to do?  I often feel that my thoughts are not my own, that they have been somehow compromised.  The interesting thing about my thoughts is that they often make the most sense to me when they are unexplainable.  Something always gets lost in the translation.

There was so much more that I wanted to write about, but my mind shifts its focus and then I can’t seem to get it back.  I also want to emulate certain styles that I began to write in so I can continue on a path with it, but inevitably it shifts gears and when I want to pick up writing again I have to go with whatever’s there as it busts and flows through.

So how can I have more control over what I’m writing?  Perhaps as I master it, I’ll write a course.  As of now, these are just stray thoughts which I won’t mistake for free.  They are sticky and caught in a web, as I find a way to weave them into something that I want to do.  These thoughts are not free, and neither are we.  Admitting that is the first step towards understanding what true freedom really is and how to attain it.


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