The fact that transgender people exist shows a flaw in a grand design, but the flaw is not with the transgender folk. The flaw is within the binary system. We can’t just shove everything into two categories, and expect that there won’t be anomalies. The spectrum of human expression is too wide. The rigidity of biological sex equating to gender identity is unsustainable. We are more than sex organs. Our minds are expansive, and we demand more options to explore ourselves within ourselves without the limitation of binary rigidity. Some people cannot accept that the age of separation is coming to an end. To separate people so rigidly as men and women takes something away from our humanity. The age of humanism would encompass being human as a pool of experiences we can all share and learn from. We’ve looked at our differences for too long. We will never evolve as a species if we do not come together. There is a growing population of people who reject the gender binary, as well as a surfacing response from those who are so inclined to defend it with rigidity. Why? I have trouble understanding why someone would try to limit and oppress another’s expression, but then I realize that so much of human experience is rooted in fear. This is the number one root of the defense mechanism. They defend what they know, in fear that what they don’t know will spread and take over. They reject and devalue it because it’s easier and more comfortable for them to stick with what they know, no matter how limiting it may be. I know that one common fear is the destruction of the family unit, which has already been destructed by promiscuity. People just want things to be normal, and simple. When they see something out of the ordinary, they do not want to accept it. It does not fit into their worldview. But whether you accept it or not, people are people. We have the right to explore our consciousness in any way we choose, and we don’t have to fit into your worldview. We have the right to exist as we please, and our identification and expression shouldn’t trouble you. We are not a threat, and we are certainly not a plague. I heard someone refer to transgender people as a plague before, which was troubling to hear. Most of us just want to live our lives without being bothered, and I can speak for both sides of the spectrum on this one. Live and let live is a motto that more people could benefit from. We just want to be ourselves, and find that our biological disposition may not be an accurate representation of who we truly feel that we are. Human consciousness is so big that male and female may spill over into each other, and we may not feel that we fit into our bodies. We may feel that we do not want to be categorized, or that we need a new category entirely. We need to be who we are, even if the world is not entirely ready for us. We cannot hold it in any longer. It must spill over into the ether where we exist without form and can be our true selves.


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