Addressing The (T)issue

Let me start off by stating that I am what one would call transgender.  I prefer to think of myself as a transcendentalist, and in a perfect world a transformer.  I’ve never been involved in transgender activism, politics, or anything like that.  I’m writing because I want to be my own voice rather than being misrepresented by a community.  I am what is known in the transgender community as female-to-male, which is a biologically female trans guy.  I don’t really care much for the terminology, nor do I care for the term “cisgender” that is being thrown around to describe people who are not transgender.  I would like to discuss the issue from a fresh perspective.
First and foremost, I see myself as consciousness.  That is the awareness of my experience.  The consciousness or awareness itself isn’t male or female; it just is.  I just am.  Personally I prefer to be seen and referred to as a dude because it’s more default to me.  The feminized references to me are extra, and I reject them.  I maintain that it’s my right to do so, as it’s my consciousness having this experience.  My biology is like an accessory; a vehicle, or a house for my consciousness.  It’s not who I am, it’s what I have.  So I could say that I have a female body, but I would not say that I am a woman.  It’s just a term that was made up and commonly accepted, but I choose to reject it.
As individuals, we should have the right to gain our own personal definition.  I don’t ask for special treatment, just basic respect.  I decide who I am, plain and simple.  I’m not trying to make anyone change the way that they live, or shove anything down anyone’s throats.  I realize that in this world I am the oddity, but I really think that it can be kept simple.  Simple interactions like, “hey, man,” or, “what’s up, dude?” make my day a little better.  I admit that my day gets a little sour when I am referred to as a lady or a girl, but I try and just brush it off lately.
I’m only speaking for myself, and I realize that I would not be a good representative for those on the other side of the spectrum.  Their experience is quite different and they may run into some overlapping issues, but all I can say is respect individualism.  Before we are men or women, we are people.  Biology is our carrier, but it doesn’t have to be our limiter.